Essay What Is Basketball Without Mic

Essay What Is Basketball Without Mic

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What is Basketball without Michael Jordan

When someone says the name Michael Jordan, the first thing that might come to mind is basketball, Nike shoes, or Wheaties. Through the years Michael Jordan has proved time and time again that he is the greatest basketball player ever and by doing that he has gained tremendous popularity throughout the world. People of all ages and from all nationalities have gathered to watch him play. 'Even your Aunt Matilda, who might not know anything about basketball, liked watching him play,'; said Daniel. He has become more than just an entertainer, he is a hero and a role model. It has been said 'He's the most famous American in the World'; (Daniel.)
After winning his sixth National Basketball Association Championship, Michael Jordan has decided to walk away from the world of basketball for the second time in his life. Why would the greatest player to ever play the game leave at the highest point of his career? He claims the sport is no longer a challenge to him. After his many awards, trophies and titles this is not hard to comprehend. At this time in his life, Jordan wants to devote all of his time to his friends and family. Now that he has left the world of basketball a great void has been left. Many questions have rose as to what is going to happen now that he's gone. What will happen with the NBA? What will happen to the Chicago Bulls dynasty? Who will be the next Michael Jordan? Could there ever be another Michael Jordan?
The first thing any sane person would ask is how could Jordan leave basketball and walk away from all of that money? Last year he was the highest paid basketball player in NBA history. But in dollar terms, Jordan was even more successful as a corporate spokesman, which earned him $45 million in 1998, than he was on the basketball court in which he earned $35 million. (Peyser.) Jordan currently does endorsements for thirteen companies. Out of all the companies, Nike pays the most for his endorsements at $16 million per year.
Jordan is by far the best endorser out there in the market. Many of the celebrities can't compare to Jordan. 'He's handsome, articulate, classy. He had purity to his performance on court and off. It's hard to find the perfect celebrity these days,'; said Peyser. With such slogans as 'Be Like Mike'; and 'It's gotta be the shoes,'; companies have attempted to make consumers believe ...

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...ecial place in their heart for Michael Jordan. They will tell their sons and daughters about him, they will get out the old VHS tapes of games that they have recorded and they will pass along the Basketball cards that will be worth hundreds of dollars. Those of us who have seen him play will always remember him and what he has done for the game of basketball. For those who haven't, you will have to settle for the endless highlight reels and Nike commercials to keep his memory alive.

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