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Promoting a World Wide Web Site

     As we enter the new millenium, more and more businesses are deciding to go along with building what is called sites on the world wide web, better known as a web site. It seems as though these days to many people is that all you have to do is build a web site and you are set to go. Being as upfront as possible there is an extreme downside to this method. Just building the web site will not bring anybody to the web site. To get people to visit a web site certain processes have to be taken to promote the web site. There are numerous ways out there to promote a web site.

One very common and successful way to bring visitors to a web site is to send out direct electronic mail or commonly known as email. This is a very simple process in general. It simply consists of sending out emails at random or premeditated if you have the time. The emails need to contain a short paragraph describing a little about your web site and what it has to offer to those who visit the web site. Remember that with this method it is wise to not be too wordy otherwise this process can develop to be very time consuming and irritating to the sender and the receiver of the email. However it is possible to email well over 10,000 emails in just under an hour. This process can only be done if everything has been thought out thoroughly and ready to go before the process has even begun. Another possible advantage to this method is that the recipient of the email may enjoy the site and forward the same email to people that they know. Emails also cost nothing if there is already access to the World Wide Web through an ISP (Internet Service Provider). This method is the most commonly used and it can and does work (“7 Ways”).

A very similar way but much less direct method is simply to attach a signature to the end of outgoing emails. Most email providers offer this option. It simply means that at the end of outgoing email that is sent out there will be a message of individual choice at the bottom of the email where a signature would normally be on a hand written letter, thus giving it the name signature. What the message says is entirely up to the sender of the email. It is recommended that more than one signature be provided to pertain to different types of people that are emailed. The message should include your web site name, addre...

... middle of paper ...

...rticle, a radio program, a newspaper, etc. Just about anything that is seen or heard by a lot of people (Kent 339).

The web site promoters can also offer what is known as an affiliate program. This allows viewers of the web site a chance to carry a banner from the web site on their web site. In return offer a small commission for each person that visits the web site through the link applied on their web site.

As the days go bye more and more people will have their own web site. Along with more people having a web site comes more ways to promote a web site in due time. It is always a good idea to keep up with the modern ways of promotion.

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