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Truth Within Experiments
     Milgram and Asch reports about obedience are different. In Milgrim’s report he was trying to say that people will do something to the extreme even if they are hurting someone or something. The experiment he decided to construct shows just that. His experiment shows that will power can go a long way. Asch’s reported experiment showed that people can be easily influenced by a group of people. And if the one person feels alone in a group situation the majority is correct. Social pressure is the factor in this case.
     The basic question in Milgram’s report comes down to who are we and should we obey when it interferes with our conscience? Based on his writing about what he learned in his experiment average people learned more about themselves and how much will power they had. On the other hand, Asch hoped to learn the extent of peer pressure. Will a group of people alter the thinking of one individual? He states that the tests also illustrate a new kind of attack on the problem and some of the more subtle questions that it raises ( 307). Each psychologist designed their own unique experiment to study and research the answers to their questions.
     Migram’s first experiment consists of two people in a laboratory. The learner is sent to a room and is strapped into an electric chair. He is also told he is to listen to a list of paired words to remember and if he gets them...

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