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Shot by Shot Assignment

Ben enters his room and is at ease finally. The music stops and the focus is on him. The room is well lit and his head is leaned against the white door, which gives the audience a sense of escape. As he makes his way toward the window, we see a dartboard next to his bedroom door that has not one of the darts on the correct target. One has even found itself on the wall. Over his bed we see pictures of planes and toy planes pointed in every direction as maybe parallel to his life. The camera holds a medium close-up as Ben looks down through his window after he takes a hesitant walk over to that position.

He feels that himself in his room with nobody else around ensures him isolation that he is yearning for. However, the un-aimed darts contradicts the room’s solidity and assurance. Just as his life as we later see the dart board is just as disorganized as Ben.

Shot 2
Duration: 3 seconds

Ben looks down through the window. The camera shows the back of his head in the right foreground and the guests at the poolside in the left background. We see the shot in high angle. The guests are laughing, having drinks and seem to be enjoying themselves. Ben looks on as if the party was not in his favor.

The close-up of Ben looking out the window shows the viewer that he is searching for an escape out of the situation that is current in his house. He wants to be elsewhere but has no idea at the moment where exactly that elsewhere should be. He looks very disappointed and even hopeful at the same time to disappear to another location as if by magic.

Shot 3
Duration: 7seconds

Ben walks from his window to the bed. His journey there is slow and seldom. His bed is gray and black as he showcases not only the toy airplanes above his bed but also pictures of airplanes pointed in different locations. There is not really a burst of color in his room beside those protruding inside of the fish tank. The view is very blatant and not at all flamboyant.

He has no sense of direction or happiness in his room. Even though he originally wanted to be alone, he finds himself now too lonely. He attempts to find some form of movement within his confinement when he is drawn to sit near the fish tank.

Shot 4
Duration: 12 seconds


... middle of paper ...

...nly significance in the overall story, but they refine Ben’s expressed statements. Women are constantly surrounding Ben. The kiss from the older woman anticipates the affair with Mrs. Robinson. The entire social class portrays a wealthy medium classed people in society coming together in an attempt to draft a new member, (Ben). They have high expectations and aspirations for him. The family friends refer to Ben other than his name as a method of showcasing somehow unintentionally his accomplishments more than his personality. He as a person is not highlighted in any way, shape or form. This introduces Ben’s desire to explore himself eventually find himself outside of the track. The cutting paces are roughly the same length probably because it symbolizes uniformity and even stable day-to-day sequences of a day in the life of Ben. The husband-wife exchanges are very opinionated as far as what is best for the child. Ben’s attempt to escape to escape leads to left-right tracking shots to convey his confused direction movement throughout the film. He wants to do something that is his idea and not those of his parents, which he succeeds at doing throughout the film with Mrs. Robinson.

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