Essay on The Giant Panda

Essay on The Giant Panda

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     The Giant Panda (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca) lives in the bamboo forests

of southwestern China. This type of panda is endangered and to this day

“there are only around a thousand pandas left” (http//, 1).


“Adult giant pandas have a length of 160 to 180

centimeters (5/14 to 6 feet). The weight of an adult

male giant panda is normally between 80 and 125

kilograms (176 and 276 pounds) with males

typically weighing about 10% to 20% more than

females--about the same size as the American black

bear. However, unlike the black bear, giant pandas

do not hibernate and cannot walk on their hind

legs” (Etling 1).

     “Giant pandas have a massive head, heavy body, short tail

(approximately 5 inches) rounded ears and plantigrade feet” (Etling 1). Giant

pandas have the tendency to “develop large molars which are specifically

designed to crush fibrous plant material” (Etling 1).

      The giant pandas fur “is thick and coarse; it consists of a coarse outer

layer and a very dense, wooly-like underfur” (Etling 1). The fur of the panda

is oily and “protects pandas from the cool and damp climate in which [they

live in]” (Etling 1). Their fur color is mainly white with patches of black on

its legs, ears, back, and its eyes.

This picture shows the black color pattern on pandas’ fur.

     The life span of an average panda bear is 15 years of age. Some

pandas even live into their twenties and those kept captive may even reach

the age of thirty. “Dudu, the oldest known captive giant panda recently died

in China at the ripe old age of thirty-seven” (Etling 4).

      Pandas bodies are large and it is difficult for them to get away from

enemies or even just to get around.

“Giant pandas generally move in a slow,

determined manner. When startled, they will move

at a slow trot to escape danger. Giant pandas, with

their sharp claws, are capable of climbing trees

very easily” (Etling 1). They climb the trees in

order to get away from anything that they feel is a

threat to them.

     “Although giant pandas rarely fight they will let other’s know of their

disapproval by grunting and with body language” (Etling 4).

“Giant pandas signify aggression by lowe...

... middle of paper ...

...d panda habitat protection. Funds

will specifically go to 3 of China's nature reserves in Sichuan

Province: Wujiao, Baodinggou, and Yele. In addition, behaviorists,

endocrinologists, reproductive physiologists, geneticists and others

at the Zoological Society's Center for Reproduction of Endangered

Species will begin in-depth studies of panda behavior and

reproductive biology.” (

     Pandas which are on the endangered species list. They are the second

most endangered species of animals. Even though pandas are not predicted

to come off the endangered species list for a while, scientists predict that they

will rise out of the state of being endangered. Although it may seem to be a

distant goal, with the help of laws, pandas will hopefully never come close to




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6. panda/org/resources/factsheets/species/fct_panda


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