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the family of little feet Essay

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     The early phases of growing up can have its own unique problems. There are many different things that can go wrong while growning up. Your whole body is changing and it cand take some getting used to. There were many stories that I read in the literature book that illustrated this to me. I will compare these stories to each other to see how they were similiar and also to see the different problems people experience while growing up.

     In the story "the family of little feet", three little girls go out to explore the world and discover many wonderfull thing and also many evil things(Cisneros, 77). The poem "in just" is about what kids see when they look at the world(Cummings, 158). These stories are similiar in that they both show a kids perspective on everyday things. In the Cummings story the kids see the ballonman as a magical creature. It also shows how kids love spring. After being locked up inside all winter they can finally go outside and run around and get dirty and just have fun. In Cisneros story about the magical shoes that there mother had given to them it shows how kids can really grow up too fast. The kids just want to be kids but everyone else is seeing them as grown ups. The girls do not really understand what is going on. And when they get home they just want to get rid of the shoes so they can just be kids again. These two stories are about just being young and doing stuff that ...

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