The Effect Of Third Party Candidates In Presidental Elections Essay examples

The Effect Of Third Party Candidates In Presidental Elections Essay examples

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The Effect of Third Party Candidates in Presidental Elections

Although citizens of the United States have the opportunity to vote for
many different offices at the national, state, and local levels, the election of
the president of the United States every four years is the focal point of the
American political process. The American political system has maintained a two-
party system since its inception. Political scientists argue that a two-party
system is the most stable and efficient means of running a democratic nation as
a mono-party system leads toward tyranny, and a multi-party system creates over-
diversification and gridlock (Mazmanian 6). The Constitution of the United
States does not in any way limit the structure of the political system to two
parties. In fact, there has been no presidential election where there were only
two candidates; however, third-party candidates are rarely represented in a
majority of the states, and those that were on the ballot in a majority of
states have never been successful. However, on a few occasions, third party
candidates have been able to make a significant impact on the presidential
election process such as George Wallace in 1968 and H. Ross Perot in 1992.
Through nineteenth century there was little deviation from the traditional
two-party system. Until then, political candidates were utterly dependant upon
the political infrastructure of an established party for their campaigns. Until
the development of mass media technologies, including radio and television,
political candidates had no direct means of communicating with the public and
were thus dependant on the communications systems of the major parties. Thus,
third party movements lacked the capabilities to run an effective campaign
against the major parties.
However, mass media has changed the scope of the election process and
brought about the demise of the major political parties (Robinson 147).
Candidates who run a television dominated campaign have hurt their parties in a
number of ways. The media specialists who manage such campaigns tend to be
loyal to a candidate rather than to the candidate's party; as a result, the
campaign supports a single candidate and not the entire ticket of the party. In
addition, the heavy reliance on television allows a candidate to reach voters
directly, thereby weakening the traditional function of the party as an

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...eed, Ross Perot and George Wallace had a
profound effect on the outcome of the elections they participated in, but Perot
had a more lasting effect. Ross Perot proved to the world that it is quite
plausible for a completely independent candidate to "walk into center stage and
steal the show" (Robinson 141). With the decline of the political parties and
their role in the campaign process, the possibilities for more successful
independent candidates can only increase. Eventually an independent will go
farther than swaying the outcome. One day an independent will win.

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