The Dynamics of Marxism Essay

The Dynamics of Marxism Essay

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The Dynamics of Marxism

     Human relationships have always been dynamic. Change and adaptability have gone hand in hand with the passing of time for human society. Karl Marx’s views on Industrialization and the bourgeoisie had a major impact on how we view our industrial alignment today. Marx and Engel’s The Communist Manifesto gives broad views on the subject of the middle class and how they fit into a society that was ruled by feudalism and aristocracy. Capitalism becomes a major topic in a socialist-based society that underwent many changes as industrialization progressed. A government must be dynamic in its nature reflecting the change in society. At times aristocracy has refused to allow society to adapt to the changes that the bourgeoisie have gone through. Charles Dickens’ “Hard Times” offers a distinct view of the conditions of middle-class worker during this period of change. Revolution of the working man is discussed and many principles are brought out to dictate the way that many of these workers were treated during this time. Karl Marx’s theory of economic evolution addresses some of these points that are brought out in “Hard Times.” Marxism and economic theory of Marxism was formulated in the 19th century.
Karl Marx is said to be the greatest thinker and philosopher of his time. His views on life and the social structure of his time revolutionized the way in that people think of socialism. He created an opportunity for the lower class to rise above the aristocrats, but failed due to the creation of the middle class. Despite this failure, he was still a great political leader and set the basis of Communism in Russia. His life contributed to the way people think today, and because of him people are more open to suggestion and are quicker to create ideas on political issues. Marx is unique from other philosophers in that he chooses to regard man as a human being, not a piece of meat. He believed that a man’s struggle comes from man’s awareness of himself as an individual and as something separate from nature. He sees that history is just the story of man creating and re-creating himself, and that a “god” has no part in it. This is a major reason why he left his Christian background behind and converted to Communism. Marx also says that the more a man works, the less he has for himself. These views support his arguments...

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...lutionized a nation with his in-depth analysis of a society that was having industrial success, but being torn apart socially at the same time. He did not want industrialization to go he wanted the socialist to wise up with their thinking. His impact on England shows, but he also had impact on other countries. His views carried over into other powerful countries such as the Soviet Union and China. If it were not for Marx, the then Soviet Union and China would not be the same as they are today. They would positively be operating through a different government today. Karl Marx is considered to be a revolutionist of England and the father of Communism. Some may question his views and possibly his religious beliefs, but he can still be labeled a revolutionist. “In these troubled times, to believe in the possibility of helping to make the world a better place, and to commit ones life to that, makes one a revolutionary (Le Blanc 44).” Karl Marx exemplifies many of the qualities that we have found in many revolutionists that have changed the world that we live in today. His views are still cherished by many European minds and taken heed when creating structure in society.

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