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The Dream
     In the early twentieth century, film maker and producer Adolph Zukor met Jesse Lasky, owner of Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company. The two men admired each others previous work and, in 1916, decided to combine forces. They created Paramount pictures and had one of the most familiar slogans in the film industry, “If it’s a Paramount Picture it’s the Best Show in Town”. Proving their slogan true they started turning out more than two pictures per week. During it’s peak in the silent film making era, Paramount was making 5 million dollars a year more than other production companies such as Warner, Fox, and Universal.(Paramount)
     Paramount Pictures has come a long way since the silent film era. Now owned by Viacom, they have expanded their enterprise from simple movies to state of the art motion pictures, television shows, and other forms of home entertainment such as VHS and DVD.
They have been an important driving force in film and television, and have been impacting our entertainment industry for almost 90 years. Paramount engages in many activities, and has influenced telecommunications and films through these. Paramount is comprised of three separate entities, which work together and individually to produce revenue for Paramount and Viacom. Paramount has increased its revenue by profiting from all of its many sources of income, which have helped the company to remain a leader in the film industry.
     Paramount’s many activities, including movies, television shows, home entertainment, and theme parks have rocketed Paramount to huge success. Some of Paramount’s box office hits include Titanic, which is the all time box office leader, Mission Impossible, Ghost, Forrest Gump, and many film collections such as The Godfather and Indiana Jones. Paramount also teamed up with other Viacom owned companies such as Nick Movies to produce Rugrats in Paris: the Movie and Snow Day.(Viacom) Paramount did not only focus on movies, it branched out and stirred up the television industry also. Paramount’s Television history is “Home to award-winning comedies, the most successful franchise in syndication history, and a library of classic shows” (Viacom) and boasts over 55,000 hours of programming. The Paramount Television group has also created hits such as Melrose Place, Beverl...

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..., and make into something everyone wants. Paramount has mastered the art of amazement with their skilled writing, acting, and movie making and their ability to continue to stretch the limits of telecommunications and film. Paramount is not just about money, it’s about people. One man had the dream, now everyone can experience it.

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