Essay about Analysis of The Brady Bill

Essay about Analysis of The Brady Bill

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Analysis of The Brady Bill

     The legislative process in the United States Congress shows us an
interesting drama in which a bill becomes a law through compromises made by
diverse and sometimes conflicting interests in this country. There have been
many controversial bills passed by Congress, but among all, I have taken a
particular interest in the passage of the Brady bill. When the Brady debate was
in full swing in Congress about three years ago, I was still back in my country,
Japan, where the possession of guns is strictly restricted by laws. While
watching television news reports on the Brady debate, I wondered what was making
it so hard for this gun control bill to pass in this gun violence ridden
country. In this paper, I will trace the bill's seven year history in Congress,
which I hope will reveal how partisan politics played a crucial role in the
Brady bill's passage in this policy making branch.
     The Brady bill took its name from Jim Brady, the former press secretary
of President Reagan, who was shot in the head and partially paralyzed in the
assassination attempt on the president in 1981. This bill was about a waiting
period on handgun purchases allowing police to check the backgrounds of the
prospective buyers to make sure that guns are not sold to convicted felons or to
those who are mentally unstable. Even the proponents of the bill agreed that
the effect of the bill on curbing the gun violence might be minimal considering
the fact that the majority of guns used for criminal purposes were purchased
through illegal dealers. However, the Brady Bill represented the first major
gun control legislation passed by Congress for more than 20 years, and it meant
a significant victory for gun control advocates in their way toward even
stricter gun control legislation in the future.

Gun Rights vs. Gun Control
     The Brady bill, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, was first
introduced by Edward F. Feighan (D-OH) in the House of the100th Congress as
HR975 on February 4, 1987. The bill was referred to the Judiciary Committee,
and the debate began. Throughout the debate on the Brady bill, there was always
a clear partisan split; most of the Democrats, except for those from the
Southern states, supported the bill while most of the Republicans were in the
opposition. For example, when the first in...

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...he Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
violates the 10th Amendment of the Constitution which protects state and local
government from certain federal interference. The NRA says it wants to repeal
the waiting period as well as the background checks,14 which reveals the
organization's true intention when it supported the background checks in its
fight against the passage of the Brady bill. The battle between the NRA and the
Handgun Control Inc. will continue with the NRA supporters leading the Congress
and President Clinton challenging them with the veto power. Nevertheless, the
Brady bill, with its unwavering public support, will be the hardest bill to
     The passage of the Brady bill of 1993 is one of the best case studies of
the legislative process in the U.S. Congress. The seven year history of the
bill demonstrated how partisan politics played a crucial role in the outcome of
the bill, and how difficult it was to make bipartisan compromises to move the
bill through Congress.
     In concluding this research report, I would like to express my deepest
respect for those who worked hard for the passage of the Brady bill, including
Jim and Sarah Brady.

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