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The Baroque Concerto

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Introduction                              3
Emergence                              3 - 4
Corelli                                   4 - 5
Torelli                                   5
Conclusion                              6
Bibliography                              7

In simple terms, the word “concerto” translates into “concert.” Motets by Vidana, madrigals by Monteverdi as well as works by Corelli and Torelli are all described by their composers as ‘concertos’. The Baroque era was one in which many different styles of music had been formulated. These differing forms of music were influenced mainly by several factors. First and foremost would be the religious thinking and beliefs of this time, along with changing attitudes in politics. These two factors influenced the form of the Baroque concerto greatly. Baroque music mainly covers the times between 1580 to 1750.

     The first instance that the word ‘concerto’ was printed was in 1587 i...

... middle of paper ...

... six concertos are stylistically advanced when compared to the first six of the set. This can be mainly accounted to the sequence of concertino and ripieno alternating and becoming one with the solo violin and tutti (Anderson 7). Finally, unlike what Corelli had used, Torelli favored the three-movement pattern, fast – slow -fast.

     The music described as a concerto evolved into something that had the meaning of something different than what it was originally intended for. It contains qualities, which cause it to have a consistent popularity, which is basically caused by the constant integration of contrasting and to some extent combative forces within a coherent artistic framework.     

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