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Since the beginning of time, people have had the need to communicate with one and other. The most common type of communication is speech, but you could not talk to someone who lived 20 miles away. Then written language was developed, people marked symbols on paper, stone, or whatever was available. Then hundreds of years passed, and people who wanted to share their ideas with people had to do allot of writing, until someone thought to make a writing machine. This machine is called the printing press. In this day and age we as a global community are growing at a super fast rate. Telecommunication is a vital tool, which aids us in breaking the distance barrier. Over the past decades there has been a monopoly in the telecommunications business, but now with the power of the telecommunication, and super fast data transfer rates people can communicate across the globe.
The Telecommunications Act of 1996 was the first major rewrite of the Telecommunications Act of 1934. Before the new act, the nation had seen the birth of television (both black and color); the increase of network, cable, and satellite broadcasting; advances in phone service; the birth and growth of cellular phone service; and the rapid increase in the use of computers and the Internet. The need for a major overhaul was long overdue. The previous act basically had to worry about what was going on with wire and radio. The 1934 act thought of communications as a natural monopoly. Communications were clearer cut back then and it was easier to think of just one organization regulating the use of that technology whether it was radio or wire. Telecommunication now is more diverse and affects the society more directly. We have products that combine technologies like cable and cellular phone systems that provide Internet access.
Telecommunications Act of 1996 In February of 1996, the U.S. Congress enacted the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Act was one of the most substantial changes in the regulation of any industry in recent history. The Act replaced all current laws, FCC regulations, and the consent degree and subsequent court rulings under which AT&T was broken into the "baby Bells." It also overruled all existing state laws and prohibited states from introducing new laws. Practically overnight, the telecommunications industry went from a highly regulated and legally restricted monopoly to open ...

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