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The subject of teenage abortion, is an emotionally charged one. The two major groups are completely opposite in their beliefs. Rather than discuss the emotional views of those groups, I have chosen to research, write, and conclude based on factual material, concerning teenage abortion. A discussion of abortion as a definition is explained medically, and in a small part the emotional effects on the participant. I have chosen to report in a factual not an emotional manner.

The direct definition of abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by loss or destruction of the fetus before birth. ("Abortion") There are two types of abortion, spontaneous and induced. (Emmens 7) Spontaneous abortion occurs in the first trimester (first three months) of a pregnancy. (Emmens 7) This type of abortion is more commonly known as a miscarriage. (Emmens 7) "Miscarriages are usually attributed to an abnormality to the fetus." (Emmens, 7) Induced is the other type of abortion, the one creating a wide spread controversy throughout the United States and many other parts of the world. (Emmens, 7)

Induced abortion is a procedure intended to terminate a suspected or known unwanted pregnancy. ("Abortion") The fetus is forced out of the uterus causing it to die. (Emmens, 7) There are only a few different ways that an induced abortion is performed. The most common technique is known as vacuum aspiration. ("Abortion") During the procedure the embryo or the fetus and the placenta is drawn into a tube by vacuum pressure. ("Abortion") Vacuum aspiration along with the other methods of abortion, are usually performed in the first trimester. ("Abortion") The procedure for second trimester abortion is a more risky and complicated procedure. ("Abortion")

Thirty six percent of all teenage women who become pregnant choose to terminate their pregnancies by having abortions. (Meier,49) There are many reasons why teenagers decide that abortion is the best option for their own specific situations. "Some say they aren't ready for the kind of changes a baby would bring to their lives." (Meier,46) The top three reasons, teens and grown women alike, choose to have an abortion are: 1. A child would change the lives of all involved, drastically, in ways that many are not ready to handle. 2. A feeling of immaturity. 3. Financial problems, only to be made worse if a youngster was involved.(Planned)...

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... to parental physical or psychiatric illness and/or drug and alcohol abuse. (Planned) Many are also frightened of what might be said and done to them. "There is evidence that teenagers who do not involve their parents believe, that involving their parents would not be in their best interests or are trying to protect their parents." (Planned) A strong majority of the teens having abortions already involve parents even if not required to do so by law. (Planned) Allowing teenage girls to have abortions is allowing them to go on with their lives. To pursue the many hopes and dreams of their childhood. It is allowing them to continue to be a child instead of raising one. As for the entire subject of teenage abortion, I am absolutely 100% pro-choice. I believe any women, young or old should have the right to choose, without legal strings attached. I would suggest a process of guidance be made available, should a women so choose. My thoughts are, an adult, maybe not a parent, but a person of legal age, should be available to give guidance because they care, not because they are bound to do so by law.

In conclusion I do not believe Government should intrude in such personal matters.

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