The Epidemic of Teen Suicide in America Essay

The Epidemic of Teen Suicide in America Essay

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     Every year, thousands of youth die in the United States, not by cancer, car
accidents, and other diseases, but by their own hand. These people make the choice that
they want to die and they take their own life. Suicide, the term given to the act of killing
oneself, is the third leading cause of death among people that are 15 to 25 years of age. It
is estimated that 500,000 teenagers try to kill themselves during the course of one year.
During the adolescent years, normal teenagers experience strong feelings of stress,
confusion, self-doubt, pressure to succeed, financial uncertainty, and other fears while
growing up. These feelings in themselves are not harmful, but normal. However those who
can not handle these situations are ones that are prone to suicide. Many people believe
that suicides are isolated incidents, but they are far from that. Suicide among teenagers is
indeed an epidemic that should be focused on and dealt with immediately. This essay will
focus on the causes of suicide, the signs of a person that is suicide prone, and what one
should do for a person who may be a target for suicide.     

     The main two causes for teen suicide is the mental disease of depression and family
problems. 90% of teen suicide victims have at least one diagnosable, active psychiatric
illness at the time of death, which is most often depression, substance abuse, or behavior
disorders. Only 33-50% of victims was known by their doctors as having a mental illness
at the time of their death, and only 15% were in treatment at the time of death. The
pressures of modern life are greater these days and competition for good grades and
college admission is difficult, which are extra stressors on already unsure teens. Some even
think it's because there is more violence in the media. Lack of parental interest may make
them feel alone and anonymous. They believe that their parents don't understand them and
when they try to express their feelings they feel that their parents either denied or ignored
their attempt to communicate feelings of unhappiness, frustration, or failure. Many
children grow up in divorced households or both parent's work and their families spend
little time together. Even the threat of AIDS is a factor that contributes to higher suicide
rate. Stressful life events, such as the loss of an important person or school failure,...

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possible reasons for a person to become suicidal. They just need to know that their life is
worth living, and that there are people out there who love and care about them, and who
want them to stay alive. Every person is different, therefore every suicide case is going to
be different, with different needs, and different causes. If I could tell you a solution to
solve suicide, and put an end to it I would be one of the most famous people in the world.
I can tell you the ways to help reduce the numbers of people who commit suicide each
     As one can see, teen suicide is a epedimic problem that is only spreading
throughout America. There seems to be little exposure to teens about this vast and
important problem. This problem must be focused on and dealt with or the world is going
to miss out on its future leaders and important people, because some will take their lives
as a teenager. Therefore, this problem should be given all the research funding that is
given for cancer and other diseases, and it should be taught in schools. Suicide will never
completely be ended, but with focus on prevention, the number of those who commit
suicide can drop, substantially.

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