Essay on Substance Abuse on Campus

Essay on Substance Abuse on Campus

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1)     Introduction

A…. Alcohol Involvement over the Life Span: A Developmental Perspective on Etiology and Course.
B…. Neuropsychological Effects of Substance Abuse.
C…. The Disease Model of Addiction.
D…. Alternative Theories of Substance Abuse Implications for Understanding Substance Abuse and Dependence in College Students.

A…. Policy Development: An Essential Element in Addressing Campus Substance Abuse Issues.
B…. From Reactive to Proactive Prevention: Promoting Ecology of Health on Campus.
C…. Prohibition and Freshman Residence Halls: A Study of the Enforcement of University Alcohol Policy.

A)…. Assessing Alcohol Problems in Student Populations.
B)…. Intervening with Substance Abusing College Students.
C)…. Treatment of Substance Abuse Problems.
D)…. The Role of Self-Help Groups in College Students' Recovery from Substance Abuse and Related Problems.



The abuse of alcohol and other drugs remains the number one public health problem for colleges and universities across the United States. Alcohol misuse poses a serious threat to the intellectual, psychological and physical development of traditional-age undergraduate college students. College students who engage in alcohol and other drug use have been shown to experience significantly higher rates of motor vehicle fatalities, unsafe sex, and emergency care visits, sexual assaults and poor academic performance.

                    BASIC ISSUES AND MODELS
The developmental perspective is concerned with understanding the growth,
maturation, and decline of the individual organism, from conception, through birth, and
through all stages of the life cycle. Alcohol is a substance that is used for pleasure,
celebration, relief, and even sometimes for escape. A truly developmental approach to
understanding these patterns of use would require us to make inferences about the
discovery and early consumption of this ubiquitous substance, far back in prehistoric
time. Somewhere in that prehistory, humankind decided to put energy into figuring out
how to manufacture ethanol, and we have been doing so ever since. Out of consideration
of space, however, this researcher will skip what we know of earlier epo...

... middle of paper ...

model and developing alternative theories. One clear advantage of the empirically driven
alternative models is that they offer substantially greater flexibility in understanding and
treating substance use problems. Initial evaluations of the effectiveness of treatment
interventions that have emerged from these new models is encouraging. Additional study
of substance use disorders must now continue, so that further refinements in
professionals' manner of dealing with these pervasive problems can be realized. It is
hoped that the end result will be more effective treatment interventions for the many
young adults who experience substance use problems.


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