Essay on Structure, Communication, Culture, and Motivation of a Company

Essay on Structure, Communication, Culture, and Motivation of a Company

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     The structure of a company is very important in order to be a successful company. Some companies tend to leave all the decisions and ideas to the top executives or consultants. Other businesses let anyone who works for the company to have a proposal introduced no matter what position the employee holds in the company. The company I work for would be considered “bottom- up”, which means any employee can come forth with a suggestion. An employee can write an email, or write it down on a comment/suggestion card and drop in the box which will be read later. Some times the request will be discussed with an employee and other times it will be denied. I think this makes employees feel more needed and more significant to the company. There have been several policies that have changed in my department because of employees constantly making suggestions. When an employee feels that they can participate in changes, new products, and enhancements to the company, they consider themselves as part as the company. Any employee, who feels as though they are part of a company as a whole, will take more pride in their work and give a more noble effort to every assignment whether it is small or extremely important.
Not only can an employee implement new fresh concepts, but in some cases that employee might be dealing with customers daily which provides them with the inside information about what buyers want. For example, in my floor we have the reservations department which deals with travel agents and directs everyday for eight hours day, so who better to know what people are looking for than them. On the contrary, top-down companies like to be in control and employees have no say to what needs to be done.
This can present a conflict between workers and upper management simply because management might think one way, but the workers know exactly what should be done, however they can’t voice their own opinion.
     Besides being a bottom up company it is also decentralized and divided int...

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...ach a goal as a group and makes each individual stronger and more confident in their work.
     I also believe participative leadership is applied as well. In my group our supervisors advise us to send them emails on what we think should change, or to comment on a new policy that is being enforced. Our supervisors like to involve us in the decision making of our group. Although the final verdict will be up to them, supervisors still like to hear our input on things. Allowing us to participate in the decision making helps the supervisor’s selection easier to make, because they’ll know how we feel about a certain rule or enhancement. It works the other way around too, we as employees comprehend what the managers are trying to establish and can be prepared in advance. It is very motivating when a company keeps you constantly alert of new changes that might be going on. Any employee will tell you from experience that they don’t appreciate being left out and not knowing what new set of laws are being passed. A company that keeps employees informed is making sure every employee is on the same page.



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