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The Master Of Malice

     “It starts with this: put your desk in the corner, and every time you sit down there

to write, remind yourself why it isn’t in the middle of the room. Life isn’t a support

system for art. It’s the other way around” states Stephen King in his book On Writing

(94). Stephen King is a world-renowned author for his works in horror fiction, fiction,

cinema and television. He has published more than forty novels and written nine

screenplays (Adams 1). Stephen King draws a great deal of his inspiration from his

surroundings, his job and his life experiences.

     Stephen Edwin King was born in Portland, Maine in 1947. Stephen came as a

surprise to his parents, Nellie Ruth and Pillsbury King. Mrs. King was told she would

never conceive. The couple had adopted a son, David, Stephen’s older brother. When

Stephen was just a toddler his parents divorced. Nellie moved Stephen and David to

Indiana for a short time then to Connecticut. At the age of twelve, Stephen’s small family

moved back to Maine (Stephen 1-2).

     Stephen showed an interest in writing at a young age. When he was growing up

his brother would allow Stephen to write articles for “Dave’s Rag”, his brothers

independently published newspaper (Full Biography 2). Throughout his

childhood he would read articles from horror comics and become inspired. He began to

write short stories and sell them to his mother’s friends for a nickel (King On Writing

15). Stephen graduated from Lisbon Falls High School where he was sought after to be

on the newspaper staff. Stephen sold his first professional story to Starting Mystery

Stories in 1967 (Stephen 1-2).

     Stephen King met his wife, Tabitha, while attending the University of Maine at

Orono. Tabitha and Stephen were married in January of 1971. The couple lived in a small

apartment; their only source of income was Stephen’s salary as a laborer at an industrial

laundry. In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching sophomore English in Hampden

Maine and working on short stories on the evenings and weekends. In 1973, his first

novel Carrie was published. Not long after that his second novel ‘Salam’s Lot was

published. With the money made from the two novels Stephen and Tabith...

... middle of paper ...

...e natural talent (Adams 2-3). King believes that a strong desire to write is what fuels

brilliant story telling.

     “Write what you like, then imbue it with life and make it unique by blending in

your own personal knowledge of life, friendship, relationships, sex and work” (King On

Writing 157). Stephen King is the 2003 recipient of The National Book Foundation

Medal For Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. He is also the world’s best

selling novelist (Stephen 2). When Stephen is not writing he spends his time

playing guitar in a rock band called “Rock Bottom Remainders” (Full Biography 5). The

way King parallels his life with his writing without making it seem like every story is a

biography is amazing. His stories are compelling and inspiring. “These are just interests

which have grown out of my life and thoughts, out of my experiences as a boy and a man,

out of my roles as a husband, a father, a writer and a lover” (King 208). Stephen King is a

phenomenal author who has written many classics of the twenty-first century. He has

cleverly told the world about himself and his life through his immortal words.

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