Essay on The Need of an Upgraded System for Kudler Fine Foods

Essay on The Need of an Upgraded System for Kudler Fine Foods

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The Need of an Upgraded System for Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler fine Foods are in dire need of an upgraded system as well as a better constructed database. It is recognized that there are three stores involved, and downtime is unacceptable. This document will outline the requirements needed from different section, such as Marketing, Human Resources, and Management to name a few. Currently, there is a collection of information, but many of the systems are not automated. We will outline areas that we feel need improvement. Information storage is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of a business. So, it is imperative that the business have a well organized and reliable database so each section can extract the proper information when needed.
Marketing and Purchasing
The marketing department has been encouraging the purchasing department to try to reduce costs of ordering food as well as incorporation a zero out-of-stock policy. Purchasing has made small steps by implementing a supplier relations program, but this could go further. Using the point of sale system that updates the items on-hand as sales happen in real time, and also establishing quantities at which orders can automatically sent to purchasing will further ensure that the stores will not run out of any particular items.
Marketing’s new initiative is tracking the purchase habits of the individual customers. This will help the stores offer the most wanted products, which is one of Kudler market areas. Instead of offering discounts Kudler has teamed with other stores and businesses such as airlines, gift shops, etc…offering points to its customers that can be redeemed at said stores. The database will need to uniquely track individual customer purchases so the points will accumulate on the correct customer account. Information from the purchases will also be extracted by purchasing, and marketing to more effectively place ordering, keeping costs down, and marketing to better provide the customer with the specialty products they demand.
Human Resources
Human resources currently uses Excel spreadsheets, and for some instances a paper trail that is under lock and key. Using the same database with security privileges set so only authorized personnel will be able to access this portion of the database. Information that will be kept in this area will be results of job analyses, salar...

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1. Please send two copies of your invoice.
2. Enter this order in accordance with the prices, terms, delivery method, and specifications listed above.
3. Please notify us immediately if you are unable to ship as specified.
4. Send all correspondence to:
Kudler Fine Foods
Torrey Pines Rd. and Prospect Pl.
La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone (858) 555-0138
Authorized by Date

The current processes can be streamlined; by storing information and utilizing queries and forms to make everyone’s job a little bit easier. It has also been demonstrated in this document that there would be great improvements in purchasing, marketing, human resources, and management. Collecting the information in a centralized area will only benefit the company; as the company grows it data will grow as well; making it harder and harder for information to be utilized if it is not all stored in a centralized database potential costing the company sales, and customers. The changes that are explained in this document will help further grow the company by addressing the needs of its customers and well as the needs of its internal departments.

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