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We all have heard of Spider Man. He was the average teenager until he was bitten by a radioactive spider. I like Spider Man but I believe there are a lot of things missing in his movies. The police and government are portrayed poorly, as to assisting Spider Man or lack there of. Spider Man goes about doing his own thing, outside of the law. He is something we can all relate to and I believe that is why a lot of people like him. Most people would say they want to be like Spider Man because of his cool super human powers. I believe it would be a lot of hard work, dedication, and a lot of responsibility. Think about this, you would have two lives to live as a completely different person. You would have to keep up good grades, make some money to live on, support your family in one life, then save people, fight crime, and kill villains in the other life. It would be way to overwhelming for me.
     To fight crime, Peter needs a costume and a mask of some sort to hide his identity. He is a pretty good artist and draws his costume that he wants. Since Peter doesn’t have much money, he decides to make his own costume. My question is how Peter could possibly know how to make a spandex costume to fit him perfectly, and look awesome without any flaws? Just because he has super human powers doesn’t mean he can design and make a costume as perfect as his. I don’t think a lot of people take this into consideration. But if Peter had it made by a company of some sort, it would be fairly easy to trace and find who owns/ordered the costume. I think the creators knew about this, but didn’t know how to solve the problem so they just kind of skipped it. On the other hand, I like how the creators of Spider Man didn’t give him an endless budget, like Batman.
     Bruce Wayne was a poor kid from a poor city. His family was killed and he decides to fight crime, similar to Spider Man. Only Batman, some how got extremely rich to own his own cave, custom Bat Mobile, and have some sweet gadgets. I don’t know a lot about Batman, but I know enough that money doesn’t grow on trees. Besides, even if he did get the money reasonably, there would be other flaws. For example, there is no way he built his car him self. He had to have had a body shop customize it. And if this were the case, it wouldn’t be too hard for Joker or someone to find out...

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... his uncle would still be alive, and he would still have a best friend.
     Throughout the movies Spider Man and Spider Man 2, Peter Parker struggles with his grades and jobs. I am currently in school, and have a part time job so I know that there is a lot of work to achieve. Peter Parker on the other hand, has my same situation, plus he has to try and save the entire City. I think that there is no way humanly possible to maintain good grades and keep his job when you have an alternate Super ego. You wouldn’t have the time to study unless you didn’t go to sleep and if you try and study and then sleep, you wouldn’t have enough time to save the city. It might work if you saved the city while you were studying, but multi tasking wouldn’t work very well while saving people’s lives.
     In conclusion, Spider Man is a very unrealistic super hero. There is no way someone would put their family and friends in danger by being the city’s super hero. The police and government would surely have you arrested and/or killed for making unwarranted arrests. No matter how unrealistic Spider Man is, he is the most realistic of all the other heroes.

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