Spanking Your Child is NOT Necessary Essay

Spanking Your Child is NOT Necessary Essay

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Spanking Your Child is NOT Necessary

Spanking your child has created a firestorm of debate among parents and non-parents alike. There appears to be only two sides to the argument, those for and those against. Each offers evidence to support their case, and both sides are fervent in there beliefs. There are many parenting books, classes, and articles on the internet to help people through the process of becoming a parent. Each has there own take on discipline, but most I have read are against spanking.
     The idea of discipline has changed a lot over the years. My Grandfather had very stern rules when it came to punishment. My father on the other hand was a lot more lax. Now that I myself am a father, I am grappling with the questions of what to do with my children. I don’t believe in spanking. I take the approach of time outs, and other various forms of punishment.
     In San Francisco it is illegal to spank your child. Whether or not the government should intervene in the discipline of people’s children is a touchy subject. On one hand I applaud their decision. But on the other, the thought of Big Brother enters my mind. If a law can be passed legislating how we punish our children, how far can they go? And in which direction? If one municipality decides spanking is bad, what is to stop another from deciding it is good? Do we want laws passed stating that we should, or have to spank our children? The chances of that happening are slim, but stranger things have h...

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