I Am Proud to Be An American Soldier Essay

I Am Proud to Be An American Soldier Essay

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The United States has long been known for having a military presence that few would dare to challenge. The catalyst has not been in having billions in defense funds, it has not been in having huge weapons of mass destruction, it is the heart and spirit of the soldier. I am very proud to be a part of this long and proud tradition of upholding the ideals set forth in the U.S. Constitution. It is something that I would recommend to all willing and able college students. It instills a sense of pride and satisfaction that is matched by no other. As a soldier, there are many options as far as what type of soldier you wish to be. It is similar to choosing a career in the civilian world. The first step in this process is choosing your military branch. There are four main branches in the military; the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.
     The Army is the branch that I chose. The Army is the largest branch, in terms of the number of soldiers, with an impressive five hundred thousand soldiers on active duty, five-hundred thousand in the Reserves, and three-hundred thousand in the National Guard. The Army is responsible for the majority of land combat in a War. These soldiers are also trained to occupy other countries if necessary (Iraq, Afghanistan, and Mogadishu.) In peace time, the Army’s main deterrent of other country’s aggression is its large presence throughout the world. There are deployed soldiers in over one-hundred countries at any certain time, along with huge ship...

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