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Social Research Methods                               Sahar Thariani
Paper II                                         Section 01

Introduction and Data Source
     Attending college is slowly changing from what was once considered a rare opportunity to a staple part of what constitutes an education today. As the number of colleges has also inflated, and means of attending college expanded, such as Internet based universities, the number of people attaining a higher-level education has also increased. This paper attempts to test and analyze fifty American states and conclude upon factors within states that may give an individual a better chance of being college educated. The three variables being tested in this research include median household income, race and Internet access. In order to do this, statistical data had to be gathered for all the states, these fifty being my unit of analysis. To ensure accurate results, the statistical data had to be collected from a reliable source. The numbers used as indicators of educational achievement and households with Internet access were obtained from the official website of the U.S Census Bureau. A governmental institution, well known for its detailed statistics on every state, provided a set of figures that would be most reliable. Data for median household income for each state and population distribution by gender was acquired by an organization referenced by Professor Hansell, an acclaimed sociologist. “State Health Facts online” supplied by the well-reputed Kaiser family Organization is a resource that contains the latest state-level data on demographics, health, and health policy. The website also has a section of raw data through which one may verify the statistics.

     The aim of this study is to find issues within states that result in higher education levels, that is, factors that education is dependant upon. This makes education the dependant variable in this study. Higher education is usually expe...

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...ome, again leading to higher Internet access, and one can envision a highly possible cycle. I feel that in the future it would be important to research the role of race in this cycle, and also find ways to prevent higher income states from going ahead while being in this cycle, and low income states from being denied a high education. International studies might be able to make a global understanding of the role earnings play towards getting an education.

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