Similarities Of Two Famous Tales Of Love Essay

Similarities Of Two Famous Tales Of Love Essay

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Similarities of Two Famous Tales of Love

     In one of the most famous love stories of this century, many elements
from anotherfamous tale of love were borrowed. In many instances, Westside Story
mirrored Shakespeare'sRomeo And Juliet. Many similarities were noted from the
characterization to the plot structure.However, they differed as well.
     In Westside Story, some characters shared personalities with those of
Romeo And Juliet.The families of the Capulets and Montagues were well
represented by two gangs, the Sharks andthe Jets. Both being ineffective rulers,
officer Krumpke and the Prince struggle to keep peace if their cities both to no
avail and warned," If you disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay
theforfeit of peace."( ) . Due to their differing backgrounds,
Tony being affiliated with the Jets and Maria with the Sharks, Tony and Maria
partook in forbidden love much like Romeo and Juliet. Much like Tybalt, Bernado
disapproved of their love and was quick to fight with anymember of the Jets or
Tony. However, Anita, Bernardo's girlfriend, approved of their love because she
just wanted to see Maria happy like the Nurse. Overwhelmed by all the fighting,
Baby John was much like Tybalt's peace keeping foil character, Mercutio. Lastly,
Doc tried to help Tony and stop all the insanity around him like Friar Laurence.
     In both stories, comic relief occurred to keep the audienc...

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