Essay on Should A Dead Man Have To Walk?

Essay on Should A Dead Man Have To Walk?

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Normally, due to the pain and suffering content, I do not partake in the viewing of movies such as Dead Man Walking; directed by Tim Robbins; starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn. However, this is an opinion paper and I enjoy expressing my opinion when asked. The film is based on the nonfiction book by Sister Helen Prejean. In the film, a Louisiana nun becomes spiritual advisor to a convict on death row, and tries to get him to accept responsibility for his actions. I believe religion and the death penalty are the two main focuses in the film. The convict, portrayed by Penn, has been on death row for six years. He was one of two men convicted of a double murder and a rape. The other guy was not sentenced to death, only life without parole. Through self enlightenment and the study of the law, Penn’s character is able to right his own motion to the Court of Appeals. However, being the impoverished inmate that he is, he cannot find an attorney to try his case, therefore, he cannot file the motion. He calls on Sister Helen, a nun against the death penalty played by Sarandon, for comfort and to help him find a lawyer to file his motion. All of his appeals are denied and his execution date is set. Just minutes before his sentence is carried out he confesses one of the murders and the rape to Sister Helen in order to redeem himself to the Lord. With his last words he apologizes to the families of his slain victims. He is finally executed as Sister Helen, his lawyer, and the famili...

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