Shadows On The Wall by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Essay example

Shadows On The Wall by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Essay example

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Shadows On The Wall by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Dan Roberts: Dan is the main character in Shadows On The Wall . He is
constantly seeing and feeling some very strange things on his vacation . Every
morning he takes a jog very early around Micklegate Bar . He also makes a
new friend on his journey to York , England . Dan is 15 years old .
Joe Stanton: Joe is a cab driver . He and Dan become really good friends . Joe
is an old but wise man in many ways . He also takes Dan to see all the sites in
York and drives all the people around , but mostly the people staying at the
Hotel .

Ambrose Faw: He was the leader in the Faw family . He and Joe are also very
good friends and they have known each other for almost the whole lives .
Rose: Rose was married to Ambrose and had four kids . She is also a psychic
like her mother . She is a very kind person .

Nat: Nat was Ambrose’s son . He wants to leave the gypsy clan and have
adventures when he grows up . He and Dan become good friends and Nat
shows Dan around their camp . Nat also keeps bothering Dan because he
wants to trade for Dan’s belt , but Dan said no because it is the only belt he
brought with him . In the end they end up trading anyway .

Jasper: He is Ambrose’s oldest son . He is also a mute , but he could talk when
he was younger . One day he came running out of the woods scared and never
talked again . Dan sometimes hears him singing in the woods . When he told
Joe he said it was more like a chant . Dan has also seen Jasper turn into a type
of monster with lime-green hair . Jasper is always staring at Dan .
Orlenda: Orlenda is Nat’s older sister , she is often looking at Dan . Her
grandmother thinks that she is going to run away with a gorgio . The
grandmother considers Dan a gorgio . She barely talks to him but they are
always near each other .

Granny: the granny is Rose’s mother and she can tell the future . She believes
that everyone of the gypsies have a special power . She also knew exactly
when she was going to die and she was right .

Rachel: Rachel is the youngest of Rose’s children and doesn’t do much in the
book but help around with the little things .

Mr. Roberts: He is Dan’s dad . All through the book he is acting very
strangely on the entire trip
Mrs. Roberts: She is Dan’s mom , she is also acting very strangely and her and
her husband are kee...

... middle of paper ...

... into the soldiers face
he turned Joe .They were both dripping with sweat and they sat there and
talked until sunrise . In the moring the other gypsy clan came and they
finished the funeral and burned the granny’s things . After Dan and Joe ate
they left because Joe knew that they wanted to be alone . On the way home
Dan told Joe about how he saw Ambrose in the tower and that he was getting
soil . Then Joe told Dan that the old woman wasn’t born in the
gardens(Museum Gardens).Before Dan had left the camp he traded his belt
with Nat for an old Romany coin . That was the last day Dan was in York .
When he got back to the hotel he took a shower then went to sleep . When his
Parents got back They all packed and left . That night Ambrose went to the
hotel and asked for Dan but Mrs. Harrison told him that they left . After
Ambrose left the hotel he went to the stream and threw Dan’s belt in the
deepest part of the water . That is how the book ends .

VII. This was a really good book . There were some boring parts , but most of
it was good . There were some really good parts in this book , and there were
alot of adventurous parts . I think the ending is very confusing .

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