Essay on Serial Killers

Essay on Serial Killers

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Serial Murder
The mind behind the crime!

Thesis statement: Serial Murderers are not just murderers but also victims of the rotten hand they were dealt.

I.     Definition

A.     The Most Infamous Killer
B.     Myth Theory
     1. WereWolves
     2. Vampires

III.     Causes
A. Serial Killer Characteristics
B. Theories

VI.     Case Studies
A.     Charles Manson
     1. Bibliographical Info
     2. Childhood Trauma

B. John Wayne Gacy
     1. Bibliographical Info
     2. Childhood Trauma

V.     The Female Serial Killer
IV.     Closing

Abstract -Thesis Statement

' God, I've never done anything. Help me, help me, help me! God, why is this happening? Help Me!'; Robert Violante screamed as the Son of Sam's .44 caliber bullet tore through his temple (Mitchell p.15). At this moment Robert Violante must have asking himself why this was happening, what could cause someone to do something so atrocious? This paper examines issues related to the definition and study of serial murder. It probes the minds of some of the world's most infamous killers all the while asking the question WHY. It examines methodological issues such as problems with the FBI's so called serial murder profiling system: the fact that the serial killer stereotypes does not necessarily stand true. This paper argues that the killer is not the only one to blame for his/her actions. Together we will probe the minds of killers such as Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy. I ask you, 'Are they Murderers or Victims?'; I personally have come to the conclusion that they are both murderers and victims.

I. Definition:

     'Serial murder'; has long been a term used to describe those human beings that repeatedly commit heinous crimes. It is rare that the average person probes the mind of a serial killer without bias. However, what lies behind the eyes of a serial killer deserves more than the cold hard look that society so often gives (Aaronson, Inter...

... middle of paper ...

...r from the truth. (Kelleher p. xi) There may not be as many female serial killers as their male counterparts although 100 female serial killers have been identified since 1900. This may seem shocking to the casual reader, but what will shock them even more is the fact that many female serial killers are never identified. This is because the methods of these predators are far superior to those of their male counterpart; like most women they are deceitfully cunning. 'These highly allusive predators are meticulous in planing and disposing of any evidence that will link them to the crime '(Kelleher p. 20).

Due to a strong cultural bias, society often disinvolves or denies the very existence of a female serial killer. Whereas the male serial killer has been regularly lionized by his outrageous exploits, the female serial killer is typically ignored, viewed as an anomaly (Kelleher p.xi)


     Who are these people? What makes them so different from the rest of us? Why do they commit these shocking crimes? There are theories but no answers. Serial killers are a disturbing piece of the puzzle that we must figure out to save numerous lives in the future.

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