Self Concept Through Interpersonal Communication Essay

Self Concept Through Interpersonal Communication Essay

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I chose the topic of self-concept through interpersonal communication because I had an interest in it. This interest is because I didn’t understand that one’s self-concept affected the way one is perceived by others. I learned self-concept through class discussions, but I wanted a better understanding of how communication affects one’s self-concept and how it affects one’s perception
One's self-concept affects one's perception, attitude and behavior, which can be demonstrated during the process of interpersonal communication. Aspects of one's life influence their self-concept, which not only affect how people perceive them but how they perceive themselves. Such things are gender, motivational level and psychological type. It is widely known that in order to communicate with others one must first understand oneself. This is self-concept, and affects the way one communicates. In the process of communication, self-knowledge and the way one feel about oneself is revealed to others, and affects how others react to them. Consequently, the perceptions one believes others have of them affect how they receive their communication, which influences their response.
In order to understand how one perceives situations and how they can determine the way one communicates; we first must understand the value of self-concept. Self is easily defined; it is one's beliefs, attitudes, feelings and values. It is who one is and what one stands for. Self-concept, is a relevantly stable set of perceptions and emotional states. It is the way one sees and understands oneself, and contributes to how one perceives oneself and perceives situations. One's self-concept may alter their perception, and either enhance or impede one's communication effectiveness. The way one sees oneself can influence the way they see their social surroundings. Only after one become aware of oneself can they be aware of their physical and social surroundings, which will allow one to perceive situations and people with a truer idea and create a more positive outcome.

Communication affects self-concept and self concept affects how one communicates. If one has poor self-concept and sees oneself as unworthy then they will present themselves this way, which will result in a negative response from people. If one feels good about oneself, they will present themselves as worthy, which will result in a more pos...

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... communication. Without understanding oneself, it is impossible to have clear communication with anyone else. Self-concept affects one's attitude, perception and behavior, and without having good self-concept it is impossible to communicate clearly. Three aspects discussed that have affect on self-concept are gender, motivational level and psychological types. These all play an essential role in the way one communicate. A large portion of one's self-concept comes from past experience, and the people that surround them. Therefore one's perceptions, behaviors, attitudes gain from experience and people may alter one's self-concept.

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