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Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim are some of the founding fathers in the Sociological discipline. Each developing the discipline in their respective area, contributed to the social science course becoming what it is today. Durkheim the man who coined the term social facts and some sociological theories on functionalism, division of labour in society, education and social solidarity, methodology, positivism and sociology, primitive classification, religion and suicide. Durkhiem believe that social facts should be considered as things in the same way as the objects and events of the natural world.

Karl Marx is the person responsible forthe conflict perspective, also had some sociological theories on alienated labour, culture, labour theory and commodities, the lower strata, the middle class, power and the state, religion, ruling ideas, social stratification, unemployment, women, the working class. In his theories you will notice factors that will explain what he was trying to accomplish, which later manifested itself in the Communism of Russia.


Mr. Emile David Durkheim, the founder of the modern field of sociology, was born in Epinal, France on April 15, 1858. The Annee Sociologique was the first journal committed to social science and was created by Mr. Durkheim.

He came for a long history of pious French Jews, his father and grandfather was Rabbis. Durkheim himself was also studying to become a Rabbi, but at the age of thirteen after his Jewish confirmation he was influenced by a female Catholic teacher to study Catholicism. After some time he was no longer involved in any religion and became a nonbeliever.

A brilliant student he was at the College d’Epinal, he was awarded various honours and prizes. Having such academic potential, he was transferred to one of France’s great high schools, the Lycee Louis-le-Grand in Paris. After he wanted to attend the prestigious Ecole Normale Superierure, the intellectual training ground for best of France. To attend he had to undergo an admission examination which Durkheim failed twice, but, in 1879 on his third try he was finally admitted.

His classmates were some of the most brilliant of the nineteenth century, such as Jean Jaures and Henri Bergson who became important figures in France’s intellectual life. Fustel de Coulan...

... middle of paper ...

...d power would rise at the demand of wages; this would give them liberty from husbands and male dominance in the family.

Communism would bring true equality between men and women. Means of production, socialization of housework and childcare would go together. There would be no sexual inequalities.


§     Durkheim was always talking about what must be done for society to run smoothly but it seems that he never thought that conflicts exist.
§     In his theories he strongly promotes complexity in the society.

§     Marx on the other hand is the opposite of Durkheim he sees conflict at every point. His main point was conflict occurs because of economic class division.
§     In his theories Marx is trying to bring back the simple society.

Haralambos and Holdborn
Sociology: Themes and Perspectives
6th Edition.2004

Anthony Giddens and Mitchell Duneier
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3rd Edition 2000


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