Enlightenment from The Tao Te Ching Essay

Enlightenment from The Tao Te Ching Essay

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Enlightenment from The Tao Te Ching

The Tao Te Ching can be helpful to all, and the reading of it may be enlightening. Reading the Tao can give much insight on the challenges and dangers that humans must face in this world, how a person should live his life, the dangers of a powerful ruler, how the state should rule, how citizens should serve the state, and the messages or forewarnings for us today.

Mankind has the tendency to be self-conscious, greedy, and materialistic, and human history shows this to be the case in all societies. Even in China they suffer from the selfish aspects of humans. The Tao states on page 9, “Chase after money and security/and your heart will never unclench.” It is natural for people to want things, but the Tao is saying that the chasing after money is the danger. In our society this materialistic attitude is apparent, for when people buy expensive things they cannot afford, they immediately say, “Charge it!” If the Tao was written today it would read, “Credit cards are for those who chase after money/their pocketbooks will never be s...

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