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     Let us see how the Hallucinogenic Toreador came about. Dali had doubtless talent, which was drawn apoun systematic confusion. For many, trying to make sense of this painting was distinctly unhelpful. Dali made the dates and titles of his work as he had the tales he told about his life. Studies of this painting never came complete. The tones of light in the painting are perfectly placed on each object to show form and three dimensions of light, and contour. Females are lined up facing different directions. Three of the statue like females show only light which makes the chest and belly look like the bottom of a males face. Everything on the painting is made to show Salvador’s family and some depict the face of his wife or the face of his mother. Dots and flies are placed like endless valleys of nothing. A bulls head is placed on a small lake that shows his wife sun bathing. Then in a blur of paint the bull is seen walking away from the lake. Smaller images of the standing females are seen down by the shores of the lake.

The bottom corner of this painting shows a young boy facing endless valleys of light and hidden figures. I believe the young boy is Salvador with his bullwhip. Some of the dots turn to flies coming towards you and showing a shadow under each fly. On the bottom of the female gown shows a rose, which depicts the love he had for his mother. I see his wife’s face glowing by the gates of the toreador. Looking at this painting is like looking at a picture with one object that shows another by using his puzzling like talent. He uses a mixture of abstract and realistic figures to show one big toreador of his feelings and imagination. You can tell by the painting Dali is from Spain. The amount of feelings that Dali put into this is amazing and overwhelming. For some reason the female statues are placed on top of the gates of the toreador. I like how the bulls eye is also a fly and its head was not formed with lines but with a blur paint which creates lights and form. I’m not sure who these statues resemble but they are all over the painting . Some how Dali completed this piece within two years. Two of the female statues are facing a sunset and four are facing the moon, which comes after. He used colors to represent opposites and light. Dali drew on his own knowledge of the archives to locate the documentary material. Th...

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...s. This man was a master of sirreallism. The Hallucinogenic Toreador is what I think is the best sirreall piece ever made.

It contiains the skills of an artist with creativity and tremendos talent . Dali didn’t get here easy , he spent his whole life striving to be the one and only genius in his competitive field. He usde a mixture of colors to show light and form instead of using dark lines. I appreciate his work and one day hope to reach something close to his level. But I know I will never make a Hallucinogenic Toreador nor a Jose Torres. I think Dali let go of the creativity as he got older and made messery yet more skilled and imaginitive works of art. Also as he got older he decided to paint in accordence with the rules he had rediscovered . Most say that his best works were done when he had less skill but now a days that’s not so true. He had great respect for Michelangelos artwork and strived to be like him in many ways . “The Three Enigmas of Gala were the three phases of of his life. This painting was a moving homage to Gala, who died aonly two weeks after it was painted. Overall Salvador Dali was ingenius and deserves infinitive respect for his skill and creativity.

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