Role Model Paper on My Mother

Role Model Paper on My Mother

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Role Model Paper on My Mother

A role model is someone who you can relate with. It is someone who will be hopefully you learn from and in turn they learn from you. My role model is my mother. She had to go through a summer of hell and this is what happened to her and what I learned to. God gives you certain situations and you have to run with it.
I did not want big responsibilities. I figured, “ Why should I worry about them, until I have to.” My way of thinking was selfish. I have always been a little selfish, but caring at the same time. I didn’t have that many real responsibilities. I had your typical chores. I had to do well in school, make sure my room was clean and try not to get in trouble. In my mind, I did not want to grow up until it was necessary. Growing up came all too quickly.
In the beginning of May 2001, my mother was diagnosed with rectal and colon cancer. She developed cancer because she had ulcerative colitis since she was in her late twenties. It was always a thought, by many, that if the colitis got out of hand it could result in cancer. This thought never really crossed my mind.
I remember the day I found out that my mother had cancer. I came home from school and was eager to get changed and drive over to my girlfriend’s house. I walked into the house and my father was standing at the kitchen counter and my mother was sitting on a chair crying. My father told me to sit down. He explained that my mother had been diagnosed with cancer and that...

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