Essay on Reconstruction in the 20th Century

Essay on Reconstruction in the 20th Century

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     The beginning of the 20th century was a memorable time in history for the United States. This time period drastically changed our country politically and socially by reform. The Presidents that ruled our country during this era were especially powerful and made many differences, women and African Americans were starting to take a stand, and our country was able to make it all the way through the Great Depression. All of these events that took place in the early 1900s helped our country regain strength and find a balance of its power. The act of reformation, helped to strongly shape America into what it has become today.
     When the Great Depression hit our country in 1893, we went into an immediate state of pandemonium. People began to think negatively and started to assume that nothing good would ever come out from the 19th century. However, our country was able to pull away from this jaded outlook and get away from the Depression and the mess that it came along with. United States citizens were starting to become interested in new ideas and were hopeful to put them to good use as soon as possible. Many of the people that wanted reform were populists, women, and labor unions. These groups of people hoped to see a difference in society and politics.
It was always very difficult for people to agree about politics in the 1900s. Many people wanted to make changes or improvements in the government to promote a stronger d...

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