Essay about Problems, Solutions, and Future of Law Enforcement Intelligence

Essay about Problems, Solutions, and Future of Law Enforcement Intelligence

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The use of intelligence within law enforcement intelligence agencies is not always perfect. There may be a way to safeguard against the misuse of intelligence processes to assure proper use it at all times, but it has not yet been discovered. The only way that agencies can try and control the misuse of intelligence is to study the historical failures of the past.
     It is of most important to protect United States citizens’ right to the freedom of speech. For the average American it is hard to understand why the government does not viciously target extremist groups like the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party; but it is necessary to protect the rights of these groups or the overall rights of every citizen could be compromised.
     The fifties gave a good example of how the government could abuse the law and compromise the freedoms of the citizens. Senator Joseph McCarthy was at the spearhead to try and squash out the threat of communism. In the process of identifying supporters of the anti-American communistic ideas, McCarthy also investigated and sometimes ruined the lives of anyone that stood in his way. Many Americans were discredited before McCarthy and his actions were discovered as improper use of the Congressional investigation process.
     The extremist movement within the United States is formulated out of citizens that are enraged against improper governmental control. These groups feel that unless they rise up against the ignorance and oppressive government, then the government’s power will only be enhanced until finally smothering all the rights of those without enough power to fight back. The extremist groups main tool is provocation, and the only way for the government to properly fight these groups without compromising the rights of all citizens, is to allow the message to be heard as long as the rights and liberties of no other citizen is compromised.
     In order to change from the abuses of the past, there must be an understanding of what is true. Many times intelligence is misunderstood and the following are statements that are misguided, but often thought to be true: 1) All law enforcement agencies can engage in intelligence, 2) Intelligence can be performed...

... middle of paper ... use of databases and applications, the law enforcement agency will have the upper hand in the fight against crime.
     The future of intelligence is bright as long as we keep heading in the right direction. In order to be successful, the law enforcement agencies must work together both federal and state. There are many ways to open information and put it at the fingertips to anyone that has the need and right to know, but security must be kept paramount in order to avoid the information falling into the wrong hands. The intelligence analyst will only survive if the efforts are known by the agencies, and the days of the analysts working away in a dimly lit basement are over.

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