Presidential Candidates: Division And Classification Essay

Presidential Candidates: Division And Classification Essay

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Presidential Candidates: Division and Classification

     You could be the next presidential candidate! Sound good? You must file
papers with the Federal Election Commission to run. You also have to pay the
nominal filing fee charged to candidates entering the New Hampshire primary.
That doesn¹t sound so difficult. Anyone who can accomplish these two tasks may
run for President. Usually, some unlikely people do. This year, the candidates
include people from Phil Gramm to Jack Mabardy(Who in the world might he be?).
Only a few people have a genuine chance of winning the coveted office, others
could win if the world knew them, and still others ( I am convinced) run for our
Clinton, Powell, and Dole have a decent chance at the Presidency.
President Clinton remains the only democrat running. His experience and
prominence will aid him in the 96 election. He spouts many unique, interesting
ideas. For example, he realized, "We¹ll never get everybody¹s income up until we
educate everybody." Clinton is full of brilliant revelations like, "Racial
diversity is our great meal ticket to the future if we can figure out how to get
along and how to lift each other up." His bits of intellect might be useful if
he proposed solutions to the obvious problems he presents. Bob Dole, a
republican candidate, has already done some work on welfare reform. He recently
passed a bill which allows the state to create programs that will move people...

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