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politicians personal lives Essay

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Politicians make decisions that affect our everyday lives to the very state of defense for our country, and the media seems to personify personal parts of their lives. Should the press be allowed to interfere in and report on political figures personal lives? Some say they should, the people have a rite to know how an elected office candidate acts on said persons casual life. Others argue it’s an intrusion on privacy. It is my belief that these people run our country, but they all have personal lives that should be respected for the following reasons dignity, respect, and even suicide.
     To begin with dignity is a base foundation of a person. Without dignity what good is a person’s word. Allowing the mass media to report on personal lives causes a direct loss of the subject’s personal dignity, and can lead to mistrust among voters and peers. When dignity is compromised scandals are allowed to run rampant. Scandals can affect a politicians public image, and voters and the general public may gain a misleading image of the candidate and ignore the person’s actual stance on issue therefore swaying voters to believe a false image. And example of this is the current president George Bush while his public image portrayed by the media is a redneck moron who used to do cocaine in 9/11 incident.
          In addition respect is the basic respect for people is what bui...

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