Essay on Persuasive Speech: Purchase an Automobile in 1908

Essay on Persuasive Speech: Purchase an Automobile in 1908

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Henry Ford has released his invention to the public. It is a horseless carriage that he calls the automobile. He has told us that this contraption will eventually be made available to the entire world. This is going to have a radical change on our society, as we know it.
Each and every person out there should have an automobile. Every person’s daily chore time would be cut in half. Daily trips to town would be made in only a few short hours. Supplies from the cities would come twice as fast to the smaller towns. Recreation will soar to new levels because every person will be able to travel wherever he pleases whenever he pleases. Opportunities shall rise to new levels in the job market. One could get a job TWENTY miles from where he lived and not have to move to an urban area! A person, like you, could travel the country by himself or with his spouse, stopping, and going as they pleased unlike the bothersome, untimely train schedule. Every person’s dreams of traveling to new lands without the hassle of planning around a train schedule will come true.
Do you know what the best part of all of this is going to be? Ford has told us that the automobile will be very fair-priced so that every person will be able to afford one of these luxurious, technological advances; not just the wealthier part of society will be affected. Every person will be transformed. Families will be able to travel in a family car and they will be financially able to purchase one of the greatest fabrications of all time. The middle class man will be able to enjoy one of life’s luxuries that only the rich in the past have been able to relish in. I am telling you, first hand, that all of us are going to be affected and our lives are going to change. Don’t you think this contraption is exciting for our future?
     Each automobile comes in a most desirable style. The sleek black body comes with every automobile--shining to your liking. The narrow wheels at each corner can trudge through any kind faulty weather while always being equally balanced so that your ride will be like gliding across a calm river. Two headlights enable you to drive at night so that your traveling plans may not be hindered by the sun’s missing light. Two bench seats will make up the interior seating 5 people. The roof of your car can be easily compacted so that you can enjoy the pleasant view of the moonlight reflecti...

... middle of paper ... Every Person
2. Middle-class man Can Get Car
a. not only rich can have car
b. even working man and family can enjoy luxuries
3. Every Person Will Be Affected
4. Families
a. brings families together in automobile
b. change in closeness of families
IV. Visualization and Vivid Description
A. Description of the Car Itself
B. Imagining Oneself In Automobile
1. Families Together having picnics
2. Couples Together Out in Open Fields
3. Trips to Foreign Lands with the Ones You Love by Your Side
V. Action & Conclusion
A. Every Person Should Go Right Out and Buy Car Now
B. Buying An Automobile
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