Personal values and the market Essay

Personal values and the market Essay

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Business is a game, which requires and demands both special strategy and an understanding special ethics. It gives main part to the profit but in the same way the ethics also plays a very important role in business because without ladder we cannot reach the high building like that without ethical thinking business cannot be done. Private morality is a respect for truth and that the closer a businessman comes to the truth he deserves more respect. According to Henry Taylor’s Statement he says that Ethics of a business are game ethics, different from the ethics of religion so he means that ethics related to business are like games and they are different from religion. Ethics means dealing with moral and in that truth plays the important role so he quoted and pointed that “Falsehood ceases to be falsehood when it is understood on all sides that the truth is not expected to be spoken”. In a business many businessman feel forced every day to say yes to their bosses when they furtively believe no and that this is generally accepted as permissible strategy when the alternative might be of losing the job.

Entering into a business may be like forced into a game situation because business is a game in which there are many problems and many solutions. It is fair to say that if the individual refuses to bluff from time to time and if he feels forced to tell the truth the whole truth is nothing but it is one type of heavy weakness to the business opportunities in his business dealings. It is very difficult for each and every businessman to reconcile to the trick in which he plays a part. Before any individual can make a profitable use to strategy he should understand that in this bluffing he will not lose his self-respect and will not be emotionally disturbed. If he wants to reconcile his personal identity and high standards of honesty in business he must be ethically justified by his feeling of bluff. Business is a game that is played at all levels of corporate life, from the highest to the lowest. No one should think worse of business because its standards of right and wrong differ from the current traditions of morality in our society. Now a days there are many competitors that if we do business with morality i.e. like always telling the truth and do which is good for business because sometimes which is good for business is not right for us but then also we have t...

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...f justice are structurally identical distributions are equally just. The very good example of the time slice principle is the welfare of economics. Example: if some persons are in prison for the murder or war crimes, we do not say that to assess the justice of the distribution in the society we must look only at what this person has, and that person has, and that person has…. at the current time. Justice is historical and the historical principles of justice hold that past situation or actions of the people can create differential entitlements or different deserts to things. Another very good example is given by Nozick is of the basketball teams of chamberlain. He tells us that people go on crazy and has given their twenty five cents to the Chamberlain instead of using that money for their own like watching movies and many more. This happens because they care about things other than needs.

The general point is any favored pattern would be transformed into one unfavored by the principle, by people choosing to act in various ways like people exchanging goods and services with other people. And to stop this one should stop people by transferring resources as they wish to.

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