Essay Part-time Jobs For Students: A Good Idea

Essay Part-time Jobs For Students: A Good Idea

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Part-time Jobs for Students: A Good Idea

I, being employed with a part-time job, truly do believe that there is no wrong in having a part-time job while being a student. I honestly think that it is an awesome, great idea for students to have part-time jobs before they graduate from high school -- if they have the time and resources to do so. Students who are responsible, or learn responsibility, have nothing to loose but all to gain by having a job. There are a few key points that prove students having part-time jobs is an awesome concept which I am going to point out.

A student that can maintain a part-time job gain excellent first-hand experience that cannot be gained from the classroom. Today, if you are looking in the help wanted section of the newspaper you will notice that even for jobs aimed at students it is usually stated that experience is required or is an asset. In today?s job force, employers do not always have time or the resources to train employees in great depth. Experienced students applying for a job are more likely to be hired than someone who is not as experienced. This is because students with experience on their resume show that they have already proven they can handle a job while balancing school and other activities. Students can gain a lot of experience by volunteering, although employers are usually looking for real job experience. For example this past spring I quit my full-time job at Tim Horton?s and was in need of a new job. I started to print of my resumes and hand them out to various stores, restaurants and other places. I had a few interviews even one at East Side Mario?s ? my dream job. While I was being interviewed, I soon understood that if I did not have the experience at Tim Horton?s they probably would not have even considered me for an interview. Now with a fair bit of experience to back me up I talk to employers with confidence and they usually always seem more interested in having me work at their places than before when I did not have any experience. Many students who have not worked during high school find it harder to find jobs, when it is more necessary, while they are in college than students with experience do. Some students are required to work during their post-secondary education to pay for bills, education, etc. The experienced students will find it a lot easier not only find work, but to manage t...

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... my pleasure. I would usually spend two hundred in the first few days on additions to my wardrobe and the rest I would budget out for throughout the week. Because I was on the run so much I often ate out and had to put away money for that, plus my transportation and money for emergencies. It isn?t as easy as it seems to have money management skills. You can just blow it within an hour and not even have to think twice but I was required to save and learn how to spread the money out over two weeks time. I learned a lot from those experiences and it helps me now with my smaller paycheque and I am sure my skills will further develop with this job and I will be better off for the future. Therefore, part-time jobs teach students great money management skills, which will be very useful in the future so having a part-time job is a great idea.

     These three points which I have described are only three of the countless reasons why it is a great idea for students to have part-time jobs before they graduate. With the endless skills and experiences they will encounter there is no reason to try to hold back someone from such an incredible time that will only benefit them hugely in life.

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