Essay on Only The CIA

Essay on Only The CIA

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With today’s every-growing national debt, there is a way to decrease spending to save the United States a great deal of money: Combine all the intelligence agencies into one. Although it may be more convenient to have many different intelligence assets in the form of organizations, there is really no need for more than one government intelligence agency. The Central Intelligence Agency is the heart of all-source fusion from the different intelligence disciplines and should remain. With the CIA as the only budgeted intelligence organization, the United States could afford to have faster intelligence while using better assets.
Executive departments now demanding intelligence on new subjects (other than the cold war) might have to look elsewhere or develop their own capability. Much long-term research may be better provided by the private sector with fewer limitations on how the organization is to spend it’s capital. It is important to preserve the CIA’s central function of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating in one place utilizing all information from all intelligence sources, however and wherever it was collected. One of the problems with today’s intelligence operations is the expense and the fact that if something does go wrong, the taxpayer still has to pick up the bill. With commercial intelligence, there is no payment if there is no report.
The next problem area is with the military intelligence. With the Clinton administration cutbacks, the military has suffered sev...

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