Nostradamus: The Truth Behind the Prophecies Essay

Nostradamus: The Truth Behind the Prophecies Essay

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     For Many years scholars and interpreters have been trying to find any truth that
could possibly be found in the writings of Nostradamus. For many occasions people have
been convinced that this man could see the future and he documented it in his many
journals and books titled The Centuries. The writings and prophecies have been a
controversial issue for many years. Most Nostradomus translators have more than likely
misinterpreted his work because of his nearly illegible style of writings, thus false
information is commonly found about this man of the past.
     Nostradamus, a French Jew converted to Christian who lived in France in the 16th
century. Born Michel de Nostredame on December 14th 1503 in St. Remy, France. He
was the oldest of five children. His grandfather, Jean, taught him Latin, Greek, Hebrew,
mathematics and astrology at an early age. Nostradamus received a medical degree in
1529 and became a physician. “Nostradamus made his reputation as a doctor of
extraordinary skill gave generously to the poor.” (Sobel B)
     Nostradamus was in his late when he frequently went into a meditative state and
reported to have visions of the future. He began to document his visions in a number of
journals in a mixture of Latin, French, and Greek quatrains, publishing his famous
“Centuries” in 1558. Nostradamus had married twice, losing his first wife and children to
the plague. Living in France from 1503-1566 AD, making a living as a wealthy French
astrologer and physician, Nostradamus led an almost perfect life for his time.
     The Frechman also predicted his own death which occurred on July 2, 1566. I t
was the end of his foretelling the future on this planet.
     De retour d`ambassade, don de roy mis au lieu,
     Plus n1en fera: sera alle a Dieu
     Parans plus proches, amis, freres du sang,
     Trouve tout mort pres du lict et du banc.

     When translated:
     On his return from the embassy, having secured the kings gift,
     He will be no more, (his spirit) having returned to God,
     Nearby will be his close family, his friends and his brothers,
     He will be found dead near the bed and the bench.
     Nostradamus returned to his home late in the day returning from a visit of the king
for which he was presented with three hundred gold crowns. After being worn out from
the carriage ride home he decided t...

... middle of paper ...

... predictions are fake
many do believe that he could accurately predict the future.
     Lets just think for a second, What could I predict for the future that will ensure my
prediction to come true? The first thing that I would do is predict something to happen
with fire. Come on how many events in the past, present, and future result in a fire? I
would also predict it to happen in a large city like our ever so brilliant Nostradamus.
Answer this, how many things have happened in the city as result to fire. Eventually it
would come true and Nostradamus was no dummy.
     Is it wrong to assume that Nostradamus could in fact predict the future? From the
information gathered it is easy to come to the conclusion that the writings of Nostradamus
can no more tell the future than a child’s nursery rhyme.
     A prediction that can only be interpreted after the events it supposedly foresees
have occurred is not a “predition” at all. Anyone could spew out a thousand vague
“prophecies” and not have to explain what they meant until after the events they
supposedly predicted had occurred. With this it is possible for anyone to manage a pretty impressive
record for accuracy too.

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