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The National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations – once an electronic quotation for OTC stocks and expressed by its acronym, NASDAQ, the stock exchange known today as NASDAQ or the NASDAQ Stock Market operates as both a stock quotes service and a stock exchange permitting dealers to trade its listed securities. NASDAQ Stock Market is owned and operated by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) (
     Established in 1792, the New York Stock Exchange in the largest securities exchange in the United States. Securities are traded by brokers and dealers for customers on the trading floor at 11 Wall Street in New York City. The exchange is headed by a board of directors that includes a chairman and 20 representatives who represent both the public and the members of the exchange. This board approves applicants as new NYSE dealers, set policies for exchange, oversees the exchange, regulates member activities, and lists securities (
     Taking these two definitions of each into consideration the similarities of both the NASDAQ and the NYSE are that they are both used for the listing of securities. Dealers are both able to sell and buy securities. Stock quotes are listed on both the NASDAQ and the NYSE. Both are available to the public mainly through dealers. The public can invest in both or either of the companies. There aren’t many similarities between the two companies.
The differences between the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ are more noticeable than the similarities. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) provides the facilities for stock trading and rules under which trading takes place. Stock trading on the NYSE occurs auction-style. In each transaction, stock is sold to the highest bidder and bought for the lowest offer. The types of companies traded on the NYSE are the oldest, largest, and best-known companies.
Thousands of stocks are traded electronically – using computers and telephones – on the NASDAQ. A sophisticated electronic network run by the National Association of Securities Dealers lets brokers trade from their offices all over the country. Continuously updated prices are carried on their computer screens, while they buy and sell over the telephone. NASDAQ lists 5,500 companies – from small, emerging firms to corporat...

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...azine subscriptions.
With this information you can also see the following is a chart of the last two years of the stock for the same company:

     Over the past two years it shows that the stock itself has grown above and beyond. With Martha Stewart being given the opportunity to host her own show after spending time in prison would show that it did not affect her company in a negative way. Unfortunately, with this comes the saying “Even bad publicity is publicity”. The conviction had Martha Stewart on the mouths of most Americans. With even spending the time she had in prison the people are still investing in her company and products. She is still given the recognition that she had before her conviction.

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