My New Political Ideology Essay

My New Political Ideology Essay

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     A population’s views on political issues may change as different circumstances occur each day. The environment around us has a powerful influence on the decisions that we produce and the views that we as American citizens choose to hold. After a semester in political science class my views and my political ideology have altered. Today I will explain how political science class has influenced my political ideology.

     When this class initially began I was sure, without a doubt I was a conservative. As the semester progressed I discovered the reasons I was considered conservative. The town a person grows up in, financial status, social class, age, gender and the race of the individual have a strong influence on a individuals ideology. I knew I was conservative because I was raised with certain morals that still exist in my family today. Anaheim hills the town I grew up in, was and still is one of the most conservative cities in Orange County. A moderately white community full of affluent business owners, and my father was one of those affluent business owners. My father a very strong conservative taught me politics at an early age. As I grew older and made friends out of Anaheim hills, I found that most of the friends that I made had liberal views. All the issues I felt very strongly about were absolute opposite of my new friends. Being a teenager and very confused about the matter I talked to my family about these issues and they felt the same way I did. At that point in my life I realized that my house was not just higher up on the hill for no reason, my political views were completely different from the people that lived just below me. Evidence once again that social class and education had an influence on a person’s views.

     In my last paper I stated my feelings about the tax issues all Americans face day to day. I felt that Americans are paying too much tax’s with very little benefits to our country. People on social programs such as social security and Medicare benefit from the tax payer’s dollars. I still do not agree with social programs providing cash to those people. Growing up, I was taught that I had to work for what I wanted. People on those programs are being taught at a very early age that they don’t have to work for what they want. A great solution to social programs is very simple. Food, shelter and work programs can ensure t...

... middle of paper ... don’t care about the poor people at all. Another lie made up by our very liberal news papers and television shows. Contributing to the miss-education of our country.

     The issues that I have discussed today, and my responses to them fall into the category of a moderate conservative. I agree in the way the government is being run but it can use a few changes. I am a strong supporter of capitalism; therefore I do not care to provide money for social programs, which will benefit the freeloaders of our society. The next step is education. We must provide the best education to improve the future of our country; therefore the American people should not rely on the media to make their political decisions. If anyone agrees with the responses to these issues they may fall into the category of a moderate conservative. A moderate conservative would be ok with there being a limited government, not everyone is capable of political leadership. With all the information that I have provided, I feel that I am a moderate conservative. I agree with conservative side more than anything else but I still feel that there are some things that need to be modified for the success of our country.

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