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Muscle Growth Essay

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Muscle Growth

With the introduction of such modern conveniences such as the automobile, remote
control, and even the electric toothbrush people are relying on technology to do
everything for them. With a generation growing up in todays society physical
tasks have almost become obsolete. Tasks such as even going shopping and going
out to visit a friend can be done from the comfort of your own computer. With
this sedentary lifestyle, muscular size will almost be unnecessary, except for
the athlete who wants to succeed in sports. To the non-athlete, there will be
no reason to leave the house because everything that you need will be at your
fingertips, you will not have to get up and do anything. Any type of exercise
is good for the body and muscles. Muscle growth is essential if you want to
look better, feel better, and perform everyday tasks such as walking to the car,
and getting out of bed easier. A person who is in shape will also sleep better
then an out of shape person, and feel more revitalized in the morning.

Muscles account for approximently 35% of the body weight in women, and about 45%
of the body weight in men. With over 600 muscles covering the human skeleton
muscles give the body bulk and form. Then human body contains millions of
muscle fibres whose coordinated contraction cause the whole muscle to contract.

Muscles are the foundation on which our bodies are built. Without muscles our
bodies could not perform the simplest tasks such as opening our eyes, talking,
breathing and even the pumping of our heart or the most difficult tasks, such as
running the hurdles in a track and field event.. Muscles are also important to
maintain balance and posture.

Description of Muscles

In the body there are several types of muscles that control different functions
in the body, one of these types being skeletal muscle. Skeletal muscle is the
most evident in the human body due to it having the most mass the other types of
muscles and that it lies directly under the skin attached to the skeleton by
tendons and ligaments.

Skeletal muscles are divided into three structural units, the entire muscle, the
muscle bundle, and the muscle fiber (cell). Each muscle fiber is divided into
two types of fiber structure, fusiform and pennate, with the pennate being
broken up into three basic structures. These structures being the un...

... middle of paper ... program you should
properly stretch the muscles being worked in order to keep them loose.
Stretching should also be done directly after a workout because the muscles are
still warm and can be stretched more easily. This will also increase
flexibility which can be very advantageous in preventing injuries such as muscle
sprains and strains.

A Conclusion to Muscle Growth

A muscle growth program can be beneficial to everybody, from the young athlete
wanting to succeed in sports, to the older man trying to help stay and feel
young. The benefits of muscle growth are too high to be passed out by anybody
who has any sort of ambition of feeling better about themselves, looking better,
and having more energy for everyday tasks. You will find that once you start
weight training, and muscle and strength growths are noticed that it will almost
become addicting and the desire for bigger and better results will become
greater and greater. I would recommend muscle growth to anybody, and anyone who
disagrees should give it a try, just for a little while, and after the results
of improved strength and muscle size are noticed weight training will become a
part of their life.

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