Smut, Erotic Reality/obscene Ideology Essay

Smut, Erotic Reality/obscene Ideology Essay

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Smut, Erotic Reality/Obscene Ideology

In the book Smut, Erotic Reality/ Obscene Ideology , by Murray Davis
(1983), the author expresses the idea that the best source for studying human
sexuality objectively is "soft core", rather than “hard core” pornography.
(Davis p. xix). The purpose of this paper is to critique Davis's claim and to
study what understanding of human sexuality someone might have if they used some
other resource that is available today, in this case the Internet.
Davis argues that , "hard core pornography is usually more abstract and
less explicit than soft-core pornography". (Davis, p. xix, 1983). Davis doesn't
go on to explain how hard-core pornography can be less explicit than soft-core.
However he does explain that hard-core pornography is more abstract in that, it
depicts the sex act only and not the emotional or personal characteristics of
the people involved in the act. (Davis, p. xx) He believes soft-core
pornography is describing "a sexual experience", which conveys characteristics
of the participants that are not described by hard-core pornography. Hard-core
pornography describes "sexual behaviour" which involves more of the act of sex
rather than the characteristics and feelings involved with sex. (Davis, p.
xix) Although Davis admits that the vocabulary of sex is changing (Davis, p.
xxv), he also states that hard-core pornography uses considerably more vulgar
terms that are associated with lower-class activity, such as, "prick, fuck, and
suck" (Davis, p. xxiii). Davis believes that hard-core pornography, induces
imaginative behaviours by using these lower-class, four-letter words. The
stories use phrases such as "First we sucked, then we fucked."(Davis p. xix,
1983), to allow the reader the tools to imagine the scene actually taking place.
The reader is lead by the author through the story by using words that may be
more understood or common in the readers' everyday life. He also accuses hard-
core films of being "behavioristic" and "abstract" because they often fail to
"fully inform the audience about the characters personality types and social
categories."(Davis, p. xx, 1983) Soft-core pornography, on the other hand,
often depicts "the subtle phenomenological effects that result when a
character's sexual behaviour clashes with his or her personal and social
characteristics." (Davis, p. x...

... middle of paper ...

... to the search.
For example, love plays a role in our sexuality. If someone did not know this
they would enter “human sexuality” into the search engine and again may be
distracted by flashy, hard-core, sex-sites and may not find anything on love.
The over-all understanding of human sexuality would be limited according to
which sites were looked at.
Although I agree somewhat with Advisee's claim that soft-core , rather
than hard-core pornography, may be a better resource for studying human
sexuality. I feel that using only one resource for information can limit the
view and even sometimes distort an individuals ideas of human sexuality. When
using a resource such as the Internet, one may be overwhelmed with information
and marketing tactics may win the attention of information seekers and take away
from the sites that actually offer factual information regarding human sexuality.

Therefore, I believe that an individual should use all resources
available to them when studying any topic, especially a topic as complex as
human sexuality.


Davis, S. Murray. (1983). Smut erotic reality obscene ideology.
University of Chicago Press: Chicago.

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