Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson

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Shortly after the revolution, many drastic changes occures in the United States. The political asepct of this perios of social adolescence was most spetacular. Alexander Hamiltons,and Thomas Jeffersons contrasting political philosophies had one one thing in common; they both created a strong government and society in the new American republic. Throughout his life Hamilton was shaped into a loyal patriot, but he regarded people with an attitude. Jefferson was also a patriot, but he saw people at there best at all times. As the United States was jsut beginning, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Had 2 very differnt visions for their contry. During 1607 to 1865, it was the philosophy of Jefferson that predominated. Hamilton favored a strong central government; Jefferson was and remained committed to the rights of the individual. The foreshadowing or the dispute between these two men, begin when Washington was the president. Washington acted carfully and delibratly, aware of the need to build an executive structure that could accommodate future presidents. He hoped to prevent sectionalism from dividing the new nation. An able administrator, he nevertheless failed to heal the widening gap between parties led by secretary of treasury Alexander Hamilton. Becuase he supported many of Hamiltons policies-the assumption of state debts, the bank of the United Stated, and the excise tax. Washington became the target or attacks by Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans. When Washington ...
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