Satire Comparing Mosquitos to Telemarketers Essay

Satire Comparing Mosquitos to Telemarketers Essay

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Just Like Mosquitoes

     Mosquitoes have three purposes in the world. The first is to suck blood from multiple diseased animals and spread various infections to humans. The second is to bug, annoy, and make as many people mad as possible. The third is to reproduce and make as many babies as they can to carry on the family tradition. To make a parallel to this topic would like discussing telemarketers. Nearly every aspect of a mosquito has a direct connection to telemarketers such as their nearly countless numbers and their drive to topple the American will. Both of these entities still baffle scholars and researchers to how they happen to be so similar.
     Certain things in this world tend to bug us more than others. The worst of these are mosquitoes and telemarketers. Some of the worst ways mosquitoes annoy the American Public are the millions of bug bites we are covered with every year and the downright angering noise that they make. This drives us to exterminate this annoyance by doing the only logical, and smartest, thing we can come up with: Kill Them. Now, with telemarketers it is different, yet practically the same. These bloodsucking fiends keep calling and calling till we have no more energy to answer the phone. They bombard us with stupid products and pointless advertisements that drive us to the limit. Since we can’t kill telemarketers without severe punishment, we are forced to do nothing. The result, tactic, and drive of the telemarketers go hand in hand...

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