Essay The History of Microsoft

Essay The History of Microsoft

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The History of Microsoft

Historians categorize blocks of time with the discovery of certain raw materials
that humans utilized. The Bronze Age and the Iron Age were two periods in human
history that proved through the discovery of artifacts that humans learned to
harness these raw materials ingeniously. The Industrial Revolution of the late
nineteenth century brought the discoveries of the Bronze and Iron Ages to new
heights, and the advent of the locomotive, automobiles, cargo ships and
airplanes were the most evident by-products of such raw materials. Use of these
by-products from the earth's raw materials dramatically changed the world of
business and trade. With the subsequent invention of wire communications (i.e.,
tapping out Morse code and speaking over telephone lines), business and trade
grew exponentially. Wireless communications via the inventions of radio,
television, and motion pictures contributed greatly to the advances of the
Industrial Revolution. The need to find better ways of doing business to keep
the marketplace fresh and innovative has driven the human race toward the brink
of a new era the Information Age. Unlike more tangible qualities of prior ages,
the Information Age offers less defined qualities. At the heart of this new age
is the advent of the personal home computer. Pumping life into this otherwise
material home appliance is software that incorporates the necessary commands to
access information stored within the computer's memory. The company that
offered the world its first software manufacturing company was Microsoft
Corporation (MSFT on the NASDAQ exchange). At the helm of this young, innovative
company are William Gates and Paul Allen, a pair of former high school chums who
envisioned a world of home computer technology years before such a dream became
even remotely possible.

Early Influences

Their story begins at Lakeside High, a private high school in Seattle,
Washington. The Mothers' Club at Lakeside decided to purchase a computer
terminal for the kids with proceeds from bake sales and rummage sales. Students
at Lakeside became enthralled with this new toy. True to their innate curiosity,
Gates and Allen began to dabble farther into the workings of the computer; Gates,
for example, wrote his first computer program at the age of thirteenCa version
of Tic, Tac, Toe. Because the compu...

... middle of paper ... place to another when the actual information highway will be free of
such limitations. Some people also confuse the information highway with a
massive government project which, Gates feels, A. . . would be a massive mistake
for most countries . . . .@ (6) Just as Microsoft's mission in 1975 was Aa
computer on every desk and in every home,@ (Gates, 14) so it is with Microsoft
progressing towards A. . . >information at your fingertips' which extols a
benefit rather than the network itself.@ (Gates, 6)

Key sucess factors
     1) The high degree of expertise and product innovation
     2) Being able to stay on the cutting edge of technology
     3) Companies need to have a low degree of glitches in there programs
     4) A very strong customer support system (user friendly)
     5) Must be able to meet the customer needs

The computer industry is a strong leader in technology. To compete you
must stay one step ahead of the rest. Microsoft has proven how devoted they are
to computer program developing by always being one step ahead of the rest. When
one is dealing with the computer industry it is very important to have
kniowledgable employees working for you.

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