meeting diverse needs in a classroom Essay

meeting diverse needs in a classroom Essay

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Having observed inside a kindergarten classroom for a couple of weeks thus far, it has already become apparent to me the plethora of diverse needs of the children within a single classroom. Not all students are alike. They differ in how they learn, how quickly they pick up and absorb information, how they comprehend the meanings of things etc. While meeting these diverse learning needs in a single classroom can be very challenging for a busy teacher, it must be done in order for all of the students to advance to the next level. I feel that it is important that a teacher be flexible with the methods by which he or she teaches students material. Adjusting the method from time to time gives learners who are having trouble with one presentation style the possibility of being able to make sense of the ideas being portrayed. Also it is important to alternate from individual lessons to group lessons to class lessons to allow for the diverse strengths and weaknesses of the students to be accounted for.
     In the particular classroom that I observe, the teacher does a good job of meeting the diverse needs of the students. Lesson by lesson, she alternates from doing hands on activities to verbally giving children the information. This allows for students with auditory strengths along with those students possessing visual strengths to get a chance to make sense of the material. She goes out of her way to make sure that every child’s way of learning is being a...

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