Same Sex Marriage Should NOT Be Allowed Essay

Same Sex Marriage Should NOT Be Allowed Essay

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Marriage is legally defined as, a contract made in due form of law, by which a free man and a free woman reciprocally engage to live with each other during their joint lives, in the union which ought to exist between husband and wife. Many liberals argue that gay marriage should be legal in the United States. In the following essay I will attempt to argue why marriage between the same sexes is immoral and unjust.

The first point I will talk about is how marriage is a traditional bond between a man and a woman. In the bible; which contains most of the values this country was founded upon, stated that marriage is an institution that only a man and a woman can enter. The teaching of the bible says marriage is for procreation and the continuation of species, and people of the same sex cannot physically have children.

Families of same sex marriages are not the optimum environments to raise children. Children who are raised in a same sex environment are more inclined to pick up their parents sexuality and lifestyle. Children should be raised in a heterosexual environment, which is biologically correct. Children should not be brought up with a predisposition to be homosexuals or lesbians. The purpose of marriage is to protect our children not our sexual preferences.

“With the legalization of homosexual marriage, every public school in the nation will be required to teach that this perversion is the moral equivalent of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Textbooks, even in conservative states, will have to depict man/man and woman/woman relationships, and stories written for children as young as elementary school, or even kindergarten, will have to give equal space to homosexuals1”

Same sex marriages will also put a strain on our social security and tax system. “How about the impact on Social Security if there are millions of new dependents that will be entitled to survivor benefits? It will amount to billions of dollars on an already overburdened system. And how about the cost to American businesses? Unproductive costs mean fewer jobs for those who need them. Are state and municipal governments to be required to raise taxes substantially to provide health insurance and other benefits to millions of new "spouses and other dependents"?2

Same-sex marriage would threaten the traditional values, morals and the sacred institution o...

... middle of paper ...

...lives of our citizens. This commitment of freedom, however, does not require the redefinition of one of our most basic social institutions”.

Marriage should be protected under the constitution and the civil rights of those mentioned should also be protected. I believe marriage is not a right; it is a privilege and structure in which to raise children in a conductive positive environment. Children should be raised to the standards and expectations of the majority in today’s society. Granting marriage to same sex couples will degrade society and lead to downward social changes. I am confident in the government’s leadership that they not take this controversial issue lightly and will do whatever necessary to preserve the values in which this great country we live in was founded upon.

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