Essay on Marketing Plan - New Nivea Product

Essay on Marketing Plan - New Nivea Product

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Executive Summary:     
Youth, timeless beauty and the pursuit of perfection seem to be on the forefront of everyone’s agenda. From television portraying reality shows such as “Extreme Makeover” and fictional dramas such as “Nip and Tuck”, it is no wonder Americans are obsessed with finding the ultimate secret to looking flawless. The beauty industry is a 40 billion dollar enterprise,
(News Target, 2005) dedicated to helping women look their best so it is no wonder companies such as Nivea is re-evaluating their posture in the U.S. market, positioning themselves to take advantage of the growing interest in cosmetic remedies to turning back the clock.
     Research conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2003 revealed that 8.3 million voluntary cosmetic surgeries were performed, over 12 billion dollars. Almost 45% of the procedures performed, 3.7 million, were on women from the ages of 35-50, which we believe, is a huge market. 24% of the procedures were done on women from the ages of 19-34 and 23% were done on women from the ages of 51-64. Every age group is represented with significant potential market data; therefore, we believe it is time for Nivea to take part in this age of cosmetic transformations.
     For years, European women have harnessed the regenerative and exfoliating properties of lamb placenta and papaya extracts in their pursuit of beauty; however, American women have yet to experience the properties that these two ingredients have. We believe by taking the existing Nivea product, rich in emollients and moisturizing properties, and enhancing it with these two additional ingredients, we would discover a product compared to no other.
Nivea already has an existing, loyal, international customer base and they are ready for a product to progress with them as their needs change in the twenty first century. There are many facets to the American woman. She is a corporate leader, a devoted wife and mother, and a trendsetter. In order to capitalize on the trend of cosmetic transformations, it is imperative to introduce a product that will not only achieve the results that surgical procedures promise, but to keep it affordable and convenient. Nivea Derma P2 achieves that goal!
Organization Overview:
Nivea Cream was created in 1911 and stands for succ...

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... augmentation, eyelid surgery, breast reduction and rhinoplasty.
Men had nearly 1.1 million cosmetic procedures, 13 percent of the total (up from 12 percent of the total in 2002). The number of cosmetic procedures for men increased 31 percent from 2002.
The top five surgical procedures for men were: liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast reduction to treat enlarged male breasts, and hair transplantation.
People age 35-50 had the most procedures -- 3.7 million and 45 percent of the total. People age 19-34 had 24 percent of procedures; age 51-64 had 23 percent; age 65-and-over had 5 percent; and age 18-and-younger had less than 3 percent.
The most common procedures for age 18-and-under were chemical peel, laser hair removal, micro-dermabrasion, rhinoplasty, and otoplasty (ear reshaping).
Racial and ethnic minorities had 20 percent of all cosmetic procedures, an increase of 1 percent from 2002: Hispanics, 8 percent; African-Americans, 6 percent; Asians, 4 percent; and other non-Caucasians, 2 percent.
Where cosmetic surgeries were performed: office facility, 52 percent (up 7 percent from 2002); hospital 25 percent; and freestanding surgi-center, 23 percent. (ASAPS [ASA

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